Wendy's is suing a group of its own franchisees for not installing the special equipment necessary to make the new Dave's Hot ’n Juicy cheeseburger, described as "our thickest, hottest, juiciest beef ever."

The Hot 'n Juicy involves "larger patties, premium ingredients and a butter-toasted bun," but the group of franchisees, WendPartners, led by New York-based Jeffrey Coghlan and Lewis Topper, are apparently not so psyched about sharing the big patties with the rest of the world. Wendy's is suing WendPartners for trademark infringement and breach of contract, and wants to force them to install the equipment ahead of the October 3rd nationwide Hot 'n Juicy rollout.

WendPartners has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but perhaps they're trying to protect the public from a burger that didn't fare so well during its trial run in Vegas last year: "Are crinkle-cut pickles really considered “premium toppings?” Or red onions? That seems like a stretch," wrote one reviewer. "“Hottest?” Really?!? You’re promising me the hottest burger ever? Like, you’re going to invite me in back so I can pluck it right off the flat-top with my bare fingers? How do you deliver on "our hottest beef ever?'" It's a valid question that, unless these new Hot 'n Juicy-making machines get installed, we might never be able to answer.