2006_03_food_pouring.JPGNot to be outdone by his colleague, Frank Bruni, Eric Asimov has now joined the blogerati (who's next, Amanda Hesser? Peter Meehan?) with his new blog, The Pour. He welcomes us quite cordially:

Welcome to The Pour. Sit down, fill a glass, have a drink, please. [Why thank you, Eric, don't mind if we do.]

This is a new blog about the pleasure of drinking wine, and beer and spirits, too. That's drinking rather than tasting. [Sounds good to us -- we've been known to have a drink or two every now and again]

I will talk about the pleasures of drinking, about wines I have tried at home with family and friends or with people in the wine business. I will also take the opportunity to expand on issues that appear in the newspaper, either with the Times' tasting panel or with The Pour column. [Sounds like Bruni, but that's okay]

Along the way, you may meet some of the people I enjoy drinking with — my family, of course, and friends like the Grand Crew, my martial arts food and wine group, which gathers regularly to eat, drink, cook and talk (more about them soon enough). [uh, oh . . . we feel cat pictures coming on]

His first substantive entry focuses on a rose - the Viña Tondonia rosado, 1995, which he shares with his cat his "martial arts wine and food group."