Now where will we go for our $2 PBRs? The NYPD shuttered longtime Lower East Side mainstay Welcome to the Johnson's last night. The dive bar was cited for illegally serving alcohol to minors. More and more, it seems that if you throw a dart at a map of LES bars, it's bound to have been shuttered at some point for that reason.

According to Jeffery Neville, "about 10 police and a few state officials with a court order came and shut it down" last night around 10:30 p.m. We walked by the dive around 1 a.m., and it was completely desolate—we've never seen the south side of Rivington look so sad and abandoned.

Earlier this year, LES bars Los Feliz and Mason Dixon were both shut down for serving to minors; Foundation was also shut down for the same reason last week. Bowery Boogie blames it on the seventh precinct mandate for nightlife crackdowns; a bartender at Mason Dixon told us he believed that the LES bar crackdowns were largely class-based. We've called Johnson's for comment...but it's way too early for them to be awake.