You wouldn't think a grocery store opening two years from now would make everyone lose their minds, but the arrival of Wegmans in New York City was enough to make its future home at the Brooklyn Navy Yard trend on Twitter. The Rochester-based chain of stores won a bid to open a 74,000-square-foot store at the site of the beautifully decaying Admiral's Row, reports the Times, beating out other grocery stores hoping to make their mark on the site. After years of negotiations, the underserved area along Flushing Avenue will finally have a decent, inexpensive food option—and the people are excited.

"To its devotees, Wegmans strikes the balance between the variety of a Whole Foods, the prices of a Trader Joe's and the scale of a Walmart," says the Times. That's but one of the reasons the Navy Yard board selected the family-owned chain, the other being the store's commitment to hiring locally—and hiring a lot. The company will hire 600 workers—200 of them full-time—and will interview exclusively from nearby public housing for the first two weeks of hiring.

Though 25% smaller than any of the chain's other 85 locations, the Brooklyn store will still have a large amount of prepared foods—one reason they're able to hire so many workers—their much-loved produce section and large selection of reasonably-priced grocery items. Gothamist's Rebecca Fishbein says to look out for their marinated chicken, which is "the best," and hopes they'll bring the "bomb crabcakes" they served at their Baltimore outposts to NYC.