2006_1_moby1.jpgGothamist just received this letter from Kelly, operator of Moby's star-crossed teahouse. This is the precise reason we joined the Teany news mailing list! She writes:

dear teany customers and teany fans,

this was supposed to be just a fun little update on the more frivolous aspects of the the teany world, however, we've gone through some pretty significant changes recently, so i figured i would take this chance to update everyone on what's going on.

firstly, teany is not closing, and secondly, moby will still be involved with teany.

we've had to do some serious restructuring of teany, and we've decided to make it more of a teahouse (yes, that means less food, sorry!!!) and have myself (kelly) be the lone "decision-maker" on all teany teahouse matters. moby will basically be loving teany, and coming in regularly to enjoy his gyokuro (#41) and vegan turkey club, while playing scrabble or rummy.

i will be present during all operating hours (which are now only going to be fridays and saturdays from 10am - 2am, and sundays, 10am - 8pm), the way it was in the beginning.

our website and webstore will be operating as usual, no changes at all, so please take a look. and just a reminder, we now have all of our 98 teas available for purchase on our website. coming soon, we will also have a few new products featured as well.

thanks to all concerned teany customers, and don't believe the press! we're sticking around for a while.


Inquiring minds want to know: how can you keep a teahouse on Rivington open if you're only open three days a week? Any hope is Moby going to get his vegan club if they are phasing food out? Is the menu going straight-up vegan? Please Kelly-- keep the information coming!