The weather is heating up in the city and that really means one thing…time to pop some corks. This week the city is hopping with spicy, tangy, mouth watering goodness…

Coturri Winemaker's dinner at Virgil's Real Barbecue
6:30pm, Cost: TBD
152 West 44th Street
Time to spark up the bbq. What better way to bring in the sunshine than with bbq and wine? Tony Corurri heats things up by pairing his bold in your face wines with some down home cooking. Elastic waist pants are optional.

Find your Soulmate: A Wine Tasting & Soul Food Dinner
7pm, Cost: $30
113 W. 116th Street
Now there are many great combinations out there…port and stilton, chocolate and shiraz….but when we heard of soul food and wine – we knew there was a god. Mac and cheese a bottle of wine…Gothamist found our soulmates.

Passover Wine Tasting Party
6pm, Cost: $25
153 East 57th Street
Three hour seders with the family require at least 2 bottles of wine. Know which wines to pick and which ones to pass over (we couldn’t help ourselves) by trying some of the best kosher wines available today.

"Meet N' Mingle" Wine Tasting
7pm, Cost: $28
186 Avenue A
What do you get when you combine New York singles and a “drink til you drop” pouring technique – a really good Thursday night. For only $28 you get wine, food and…meat, god we love New York.

Bring in the weekend with some Spanish cheeses, olives the size of your head…and a great pitcher of sangria. Call your friends – bust out the flip flops and relax after a hard week of drinking. Check out this fun Sangria recipe…

Mango Sangria
1 bottle of Rioja or other red wine
1 small mango
1 orange, 1 lemon, 1 small lime
1 pitcher lemonade
1 shot Bacardi
1 shot orange Cointreau®

With summer here (well close enough) it’s time to bust out our sandals and take advantage of the best the city has to offer…but first let’s polish off this bottle of wine.