Today in the Times, Frank Bruni gives Greek-Italian Dona two stars, says it reaches high and far--too high at times. As predicted by the oddsmakers at Eater.

Elsewhere, Dona got three stars from New York magazine's Adam Platt, who said that the food is "always arresting, and often excellent," and had some love for female restauranteur Donatella Arpaia, who collaborates on Dona with chef Michael Psilakis. But according to another New York-er, Gael Greene, Psilakis is trying too hard.

2004_06_starwichlogo.jpgPeter Meehan $25-and-unders covers upscale lunch mini-empire Starwich. His verdict? Stick to the create-your-own sandwiches or salad; the signature options have too many ingredients competing with one another.

In the Post, Steve Cuozzo says all the fancy burgers are overhyped (and he's talking to you, db Bistro Moderne, Bar Americain, and Artisanal, among others): stick to the classic ground chuck on a bun.