When we first reported on

part-time delivery guy Larry Fox, he was gleefully outing bad tippers with impunity on his Tumblr, exposing all those jerks for whom tipping is "optional." The Post caught up with Fox this weekend, and although he was fired from his delivery job after they were threatened with a lawsuit by Delivery.com, Fox says that his website is booming: "I get about 100 submissions a day…I don't have time to go through all of them. I'm thinking about hiring an intern." That's right diners: tip, or else you'll create another blogger!

What began as an exercise in "public shaming" has turned into a more diverse tipping-wiki, with readers asking how much they should tip a barista, and expose the "rule book" that television productions have that mandate 5% tips on deliveries. What's the worst excuse not to tip? Fox thinks it's the "economy is in the toilet" line. "If the economy is really hurting you, you should probably just eat in." Apparently Post reporter Annie Karni needs a finger-wagging refresher on gratuity as well—Gothamist was the first to write a story about Fox, and it's called TIPPING your hat.

While we applaud Fox's efforts to change attitudes on tipping, our personal experience leads us to believe that these type of people have no shame. Plus, they're shitty dates. Maybe because they all look like Steve Buscemi.