When was the last time you had Campbell's soup? For us, it was when Mom called us in from sledding and we flung the toboggan into a snowman, fumbled to get our boots off and smiled when we naughtily dunked a grilled cheese into the Chicken and Stars. Wait—wait, no, it was when we couldn't stop vomiting after we used that Port-A-Pottie at Penn Station and mixed two Ny-Quil liquigels into a travel mug full of tepid tomato bisque and shivered through four seasons of The Larry Sanders Show. Campbell's may have lost 14% of their market share in the last 10 years but they are BACK with these new Go bags that have ingredients like smoked gouda, shiitake mushrooms, and cat .gifs. But would you eat it when you're not hallucinating about Rip Torn?

We are not afraid of Truth, so today we ate the Chicken Quinoa With Poblano Chilis for lunch.

Preparation: Fans of clicking on the picture from their sedentary posture before waiting 20 minutes for a guy in a bicycle helmet to stolidly hand them a bag of steaming food may find opening a bag, microwaving the bag for 2.5 minutes, letting the bag cool and pouring the bag into a bowl a little stressful.

Texture: Tomatoey broth, some beans, floating giblets of tender chicken caress tiny rings of quinoa.

Taste: Salt. 66% of what we're supposed to eat all day.

Will I Need Bread? Definitely. There isn't enough quinoa in this stuff to properly stick to your ribs. Don't burn a Balthazar baguette but use the heel of a lonely loaf to give it some purpose in life.

Worthy Of Lunch?: The soup wasn't terrible, and several staffers complimented us on its pleasant smell (although that could have been the CK Minestrone Bodyspray we started using) but the thought of a 24-year-old person wrestling with whether Thursdays should be Spicy Chorizo Day or Coconut Curry Day makes us sad. Getting this soup for lunch means you're ready to be envious of the guy who packs PB & honey sandwiches.