If we thought the lines for Cronuts were interminable it's because we didn't know that the amount of time it'd take to make one in our own kitchens would be even longer. Dominique Ansel unmasked the recipe behind his viral pastry on Good Morning America today, thereby condemning Instagram users to a round of DIY Cronut shots for the foreseeable future. If people can muster the patience to make the pastry to begin with, that is.

Here's the thing about making Cronuts: you'll need to reserve three days of your life to do it. On day one, the At Home Cronut Creator makes the ganache, dough and "butter block" (more on this later). On day two, the At Home Cronut Creator works the butter block into the dough. On day three, the At Home Cronut Creator (deep breath) cuts the dough, fries it, makes the glaze, makes the flavored sugar and assembles the Cronut, which involves another litany of steps in and of itself.

But back to the butter. It's not surprising that something so delicious might be that way because of the sinful ingredients involved in making it. The dough itself has one stick of butter, to which a whopping 18 more tablespoons are added as part of that "butter block." Plus the multiple cups of butter filled coffee you'll need to fuel your marathon baking session.

Check out the full recipe here and get to baking set your alarm for the crack of dawn.