We generally eschew contrived food holidays (National Granola Day? Please.) but every so often there's something special that rises from something created to give foodstuffs a PR boost. Case in point, 5 Napkin Burger's entry for National Burger Month: an Indian meal-inspired Naan Burger, the winner of a worldwide search for the most "innovative" hamburger.

Executive Chef Andy D'Amico and Brad "Burgermeister" Garoon chose 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Simon Dick's creation out of the over 50 submissions they received. The Naan Burger sees a ground beef patty seasoned with Garam Masala—a spice blend common in India—then topped with grilled paneer cheese and a scoop of curried spinach. Instead of a boring bun, the whole shebang gets encased in buttery grilled naan bread, as befitting many Indian meals.

Dick, a native of Greenbay, Wisconsin, tells us he was partially inspired by the Thai Burger at Ngam and wondered if he could do something similar. "I'm a huge fan of Indian food and was wondering why I hadn't seen an Indian burger," he explains, noting that his favorite dish is Saag Paneer. Dick's creation will be available at all 5 Napkin locations through the end of May for $15.95 and served with a side of sweet potato fries.