One of Kramer's (many) ingenious business ideas on Seinfeld was a place where you make-your-own pizza pie: they would give you the dough and ingredients, and you'd "pound it, slap it, flip it up into the air, put your toppings on and slide it into the oven." That pizza place inevitably failed due to a disagreement between Kramer and his business partner over whether or not customers had the inalienable right to choose their own toppings. But, like many other Seinfeld storylines that have since come into fruition, starting Monday Neapolitan pizza chainlet Forcella will be offering Make-Your-Own-Pizza sessions with Chef and owner Giulio Adriani at all three of their locations.

We stopped by to get a pizza-making lesson last night, and Chef Giulio, fresh off the plane from Rome, helped us craft our own Southern Italian-style pie, topped with mozzarella, salami, olives and basil. And, just as Kramer envisioned, he showed us how to pound it, slap it, flip it, put our toppings on it and slide it right the oven—flip through the gallery to see the whole thing step-by-step.

In the end, Chef Giulio seemed unimpressed with our pizziaolo performance, so we're keeping our day jobs. But if you want to hone your own pizza-flipping skills, you can make a reservation in advance for a session at the Gramercy outpost (334 Park Ave South) on Mondays, the Bowery (334 Bowery) on Tuesdays and Williamsburg (485 Lorimer Street) on Wednesdays. The lessons come at no extra cost (you pay the price of the pizza), but space is limited, and the promotion lasts until February 21. And, FYI, we did ask Chef Giulio if DIY pizziaolos could pick ANY topping combo they wanted, and while he was, for the most part, open to the freedom of choice, cucumber pizzas probably won't be baked in a Forcella oven anytime soon.