In an overwhelming show of support for dogs and the humans who love them, the NY state Assembly voted yesterday in favor of the bill that would allow canine companions in outdoor cafes just as nature intended it. The bill passed 97-5—those five holdouts must be bitter ferret people—meaning all the bill needs to come to fruition is a signature by Governor Cuomo. So what'll it be, Andy?

"The Governor has a strong record of increasing rights and protections for all New Yorkers, four-legged or otherwise," Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi told us over email this morning. "We'll have to review this legislation." That's not a no!

On the other side of the electric fence, we do know who's firmly hoomin-only: the Health Department. Reached for comment this morning, the agency told us that "the Food and Drug Administration, the Health Department, and county health departments across the state agree that animals should be excluded from restaurants as they can create a risk to the health and safety of diners, restaurant workers, and other dogs. We look forward to discussing our serious concerns with the governor’s office."

Besides a few naysayers, plenty of New Yorkers—including the bill's sponsor in Assembly Linda Rosenthal—are encouraged by the forward progress. "I’m super excited," she told the Daily News. "This is a bill that makes people smile as opposed to all the other weighty issues we are dealing with."

Likewise, Pamela Blackwawell, owner of vegan empire Blossom and leading restaurant owner on the bill, said she was "thrilled" with this latest victory. "Being a restaurant owner of nine years, and a life long New Yorker it is encouraging to know that we are progressing in this way," she said in a statement.

You can probably guess where Team Gothamist stands on this important issue.