The rabble-rousers protesting against the proliferation of "yuppie wine bars" in the East Village may now need to expand their opposition to include crappy pizza wine bars. A lone worker inside the St. Mark's Place Pizzanini on Saturday said the joint's "Wine Bar" awning has been up for a couple weeks. But when we requested a couple glasses of Montepulciano to wash down our lasagna slices, he informed us that there was no wine. Or beer. An outrage! Yet, as the above photo indicates, their target market is already totally flocking to the place in anticipation.

But is the awning really two weeks old? According to the minutes from a past Community Board 3 meeting, Pizzanini was approved for a license to sell wine in 2006. Follow-up calls have elicited sullen responses ranging from “No wine, no beer” to “Why do you want to know?” At this point, the only thing we’re sure of is that we’ve spent way too much time trying to get to the bottom of this and could really use a drink.

UPDATE:Curbed and Vanishing New York both look at the new condo opening above the Pizzanini, and Gothamist commenter Zoofroy believes the awning to be a relic of Saint Marx, a wine bar that had a brief run upstairs in 2006. Developing...