The times, they keep changing. Back in the end of 2006 Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter opened up a West Village restaurant-cum-club-for-his-friends called The Waverly Inn and it was very successful. Limos and wealthy scenesters lined up (to the neighborhood's dismay) and if you wanted a reservation so you could try then-chef John DeLucie's truffled mac 'n' cheese? You had to know someone who knew Graydon's assistant's number (or try and score a reservation in person three days ahead). But that was then.

Since finding success with the Waverly, Carter has since gone and opened another restaurant, DeLucie has left to go run his own expensive rich-people restaurant (The Lion) and we guess the crowds just aren't what they used to be. As of this weekend, The Waverly Inn is now making reservations available on OpenTable. Crazytown. Just to keep things interesting though, they are only offering seats 10 days in advance, as opposed to the standard month. Gotta keep some perks for the friends of Graydon, right?

[via The Bad Deal]