Croxley's, home to cheap (and sometimes free) wing nights and a surprisingly robust craft beer selection, is closing its East Village location this week. The Long Island transplant announced on Facebook that Wednesday would be the last day for wings at its 28 Avenue B home. "We’d like to thank our staff and our guests for all the memories," the post read. The bar opened this location in 2003.

EV Grieve previously reported that the space would transform from Croxley's into a new bar/restaurant from the owners of Triona's, an Irish bar with two locations in Manhattan. According to the liquor license application, the menu will be of the basic bar variety, including burgers, sandwiches, shepherd's pie and, yes, jumbo chicken wings.

Those who still want to participate in Croxley's "Historic Wing Nights" can head over to Williamsburg, where the restaurant group operates another location at 63 Grand Street.

Update: Croxley's owner Chris Werle responded to our request for comment, telling Gothamist that the reason for the shutter was twofold.

"Everyone knows the rising cost of doing business in Manhattan is driving lots of businesses out, so that's definitely one of the reasons," Werle told us. "But when we opened up our Brooklyn location in Williamsburg—which is really only one [subway] stop way—it kind of split our customer base in half. Over the last couple years we were contemplating which location would be better to try to undo that. Brooklyn is twice the size with twice the amount of taps. It's just a bigger space for us to grow into, so we decided the Brooklyn location would be the one to keep."

Werle says the company has contemplated opening up another location in Manhattan, one that wouldn't interfere with the Williamsburg operation. He offered up the area around MSG as a possible area, noting that commuters from Long Island employ the area to commute and it's good for capturing people going to and from sporting events.