It's a Smorgasburg Saturday again, and you know what that means: Ramen Burgers, the latest food craze to hold the nation in its grip, are back at East River State Park today, ready to shock, awe and enthrall all those who sink their teeth into the soft, ramen-ey buns. Last week, when Ramen Burger correspondent Scott Lynch stopped by Smorgasburg to sample these babies for the first time, he noted there were a number of people who had been waiting for them since 9 a.m.; today, Eater reports there were people lining up for Ramen Burgers as early as 8 a.m., and the line has grown steadily since then. This is how it begins.

Luckily, Ramen Burger mastermind Keizo Shimamoto doubled his wares this weekend, cooking up 300 burgers for sale. But will this be enough to feed the culinary trend-hunting beasts? If history has taught us anything, the answer is HELL no.

Naturally, people are speculating that Ramen Burgers will compete with the Cronut for the coveted Overhyped Food Of Summer 2013 title, and The Daily Beast has already proclaimed the Cronut over in favor of this shiny new craze. But our in-house food experts have determined that it'll take more than a couple buns made of ramen to kill a pastry as resilient as the Cronut. Jen Chung says the one true way for the Ramen Burger to become Cronut-like is to be deepfried—"So work on that, Keizo!"