Will Ferrell is continuing his delightfully surreal series of commercials for Old Milwaukee—in Sweden of all places. Four of the ads surfaced on YouTube a couple weeks ago, and while they're not all GOLD, here are our two favorite ones. They're just silly advertisements—don't overthink it:

And this one's rather hypnotically daffy:

In our interview with Ferrell in March, he explained his strange fixation with the Beast: "It's a great beer if you're going to have a bunch. Not if you're going to have one. Don't waste your time. But if you're going to have six or seven or 30, get yourself some Old Milwaukee. I just love Milwaukee and I love that it's old. That's it."

Here are the other two, for the Swedish Will Ferrell completist:

And according to Slate's translator, in this one Ferrell tells viewers, "This is my boat. This is my woman. And this is my beer. Old Milwaukee. It OK."

[Via Buzzfeed]