A photo of this woman prepping some food on a cutting board while riding the rails is being passed around Facebook faster than that cat video you saw that time (you know the one with the deer, the butterfly, and the shoebox?). Something told us that this rather sane-seeming woman wasn't just chopping onions on her commute for the sake of saving time on dinner prep, but in fact was performing the domestic act on some sort of higher "art" level. But what does it all mean? We got in touch with the woman behind the stunt, Bettina Banayan, who told us:

My intention for the performance was to gain public reactions to a well-dressed female disregarding social-norms. Everything in art has been done previously; a photo realistic painting for example, is now ephemeral and almost irrelevant, photography is everywhere. This is the natural direction that art must and will continue to take. Whether one would categorize it as art or not, it generated a vast amount of responses, and that is what’s important, attracting the public’s attention in the year 2012.

Check out some of the reactions here:

Cinematography by Vanessa Turi