The magic of the 1970s is sometimes so perfectly encapsulated in vintage footage from the decade, and below are four perfect examples of that. Check out these old commercials for popular New York City restaurants: from fast food to disco-restaurant HYBRIDS:

Adam's Apple was a popular joint located at 61st Street and 1st Avenue. This was a disco AND a restaurant! And it may have been the inspiration for "The Hustle". Here's their commercial from 1978:

Lenny's Clam Bar used to have four outposts (including one in Brooklyn Heights), but today only the Howard Beach one remains. Here's their 1978 commercial featuring Frank Sinatra, Jr.:

Teddy's in TriBeca was featured in the Saturday Night Live opening credits, and had the crown of Lady Liberty sitting atop it:

Roll n' Roaster opened up in the 1970s, and there's still one in Sheepshead Bay today... though it's unclear if you still get "free cheez" by wagging your finger: