Amazon, a company that seems hellbent on destroying mom-and-pop shops, the publishing industry, and the fragile minds of its employees, appears to be trying to take down the meal delivery service industry. Reuters reports that the company has been trying to launch a new restaurant delivery service in Seattle and New York. Watch your back, Seamless!

Apparently, Amazon already has a meal delivery service in Seattle, where users can have dishes delivered by restaurant employees. Now, though, it seems like they want to expand and modify that service, modeling it after courier food delivery companies like Postmates. Reuters reports that they've hired or relocated a few new employees to this new "Amazon Restaurants" division, including one new hire who hails from meal delivery service GrubHub.

It's unclear how or when this potential new delivery service will hit the market, although Reuters says the company's been using Amazon Prime drivers to deliver meals in Seattle over the last few weeks. Once it does, though, it'll join a slew of delivery services, including Seamless, GrubHub, Postmates and Caviar, and it'll probably be determined to destroy them all.

Either way, it's just a matter of time until we can use our minds to summon food to our couches.