Ladies above a certain age, be careful out there: the internet is watching you, awaiting your every move. A certain 28-year-old Reddit poster is looking for "bars or hangouts where older women / cougars are known to frequent. I'm not out to get a sugar momma or anything, but I'm just attracted to older women." So, anonymous cougar hunters of the web, what say you?

"I found myself at one of the W hotel bars, and it was crawling with hookers... the high-class type, it seemed... had all their teeth and everything..."

"I'm talking about nice hotels within a stones throw [of Central Park]. Like The Excelsior, Pierre, Athletic Club, Park Royal..."

"T-Bar Upper East Side.. Kinda known as a cougar lounge. Lotta rich old broads posted up at the bar and the restaurant serves a pretty good steak."

"Hotel Gansevoort comes to mind."

All fairly standard suggestions (and here's a few more). Perhaps the most interesting comment comes from a "Woman in her 40s here," who name-checks Williamsburg's Barcade as her hang of choice. "I like slackers and I'm a beer snob."

And if you do manage to snag an elusive cougar and bring her home (we hear Demi is single these days!), these are the sorts of moments you have to look forward to: