2015 was a decadent year, stuffed with rainbow bagels, buttery cupcakes, hefty sausages and many more delectable treats. Below, we present a Gothamist Films "tasting menu" of our most mouth-watering videos.

Witness The Creation Of The Psychedelic Rainbow Bagel
A behind-the-scenes look at those colorful bagels that have been clogging your Instagram feed.

Ridgewood Bakery Buttah Doesn't Need No Gimmicky Cronuts
The feel-good sisters-run bakery of the year: Buttah Bakery in Ridgewood, Queens.

This Is Arguably The Best Sausage Truck In NYC
Go here early because they sell out daily; we still have to go back for their knishes.

A Day In The Life Of A NYC Ice Cream Truck Operator
Those summer days feel so far away, but that cheerful ice cream truck will be back before you know it.

How To Take Appetizing Food Photos With Your Phone
Take our refresher course in anticipation of all that food you're going to be eating (and photographing) in 2016.

Recreating Ross's "Moistmaker" Sandwich From Friends
This sandwich is the definition of ugly on the outside, tasty on the inside food.