Since Julia Child polished off her first glass of wine, boozing it up has been a crucial part of the television cooking show. And now that trend has found its place online, it seems, because Eric "Le Bernardin" Ripert has gone and launched a new cooking show on YouTube, and its a-boozey! Especially when Anthony Bourdain drops by to talk to his "best friend" about drugs, sex and his desire to hit up the Gaza Strip.

If watching celebrity chefs hang out, cook, and drink delicious looking bourbon is your thing, well, then On The Table is all for you. The two silver-haired chefs talk a lot more than they cook—and a lot about their jobs other than cooking—but at least they seem to be having a good time while doing it. They definitely enjoy each other's company. And when they aren't talking about television and drinking and drugs, they also chat about other chefs a bit (Paula Deen comes up):

Finally? We would not say no having Tony Bourdain show up at our (far less beautiful) apartment and cook us a stew. Just saying.