Behold this horrifying train wreck of a clip from the premiere episode of Food Network's latest reality juggernaut, Rachael Ray & Guy Fieri Celebrity Cook-Off, which, SPOILER ALERT, features former teen star Aaron Carter getting the kibosh for his nauseating rendition of "Southern Jalapeno Popper Macaroni Salad."

It's impossible to look away, partially because Carter's attempts to make a Ranch dressing are so sadly misguided (Thousand Island and Tabasco do not a Ranch make), and partially because what the hell happened to Aaron Carter? The Michael Jackson-eque breathy voice, the gaunt face, the cringe-inducing impromptu dance with a middle-aged lady around 2:30. It's awful and brilliant all at once. Watch all the way through for a very special parting note from Coolio, who's likely to sew this competition up.

[via Huffington Post]