"The Big" is stylish both day and night!

With all the buzz (and zzzz) over Sex and the City's silver screen debut, it was inevitable that a New York establishment (conveniently located by Union Square's Regal Cinema theaters) would take advantage with an oversized novelty drink.

This coming Tuesday, the Blue Water Grill will be offering up "a specialty cocktail for cosmopolitan lovers on a girls’ night out." Scooch up to your table and dunk a straw in the communal cosmo (dubbed "the Big"), this one's for sharing, measuring in at 40 oz. And fear not, the straws are "pink and bendy," giving you and the ladies easy (and stylish) access to the drink.

For the juicers and homebodies who don't want to share or leave the house (or spend 40 bucks on the cocktail), the recipe is after the jump...

“The Big”


1 scoop raspberry liquor sorbet

10 oz skyy raspberry infusion

5 ounces st germain

5 ounces fresh lime juice


Place 1 scoop raspberry liquor sorbet in base and refreeze for one hour. Combine ingredients and shake hard over ice in 4 shakers (one for each girlfriend). Strain into martini glass.