Has Lady Gaga made her first misstep? Last November the Post reported the pop star invested in the 22-year-old Italian restaurant Vince & Eddies ("They were customers, and they approached us," a restaurant employee told the paper. "We have done some promotions with her in the past.") but now, a few short months later, the Lincoln Center-adjacent spot appears to be closed. OpenTable has it listed as "currently offline" and the restaurant's phone number, which was giving a mailbox full message over the weekend, is now "not a working number."

We've reached out to the restaurant for information via e-mail and will update if we get confirmation one way or another. For what it is worth, the restaurant's last health inspection did not go well (the grade is currently pending) with "evidence of rats or live rats present in facility's food and/or non-food areas." Gaga, meanwhile, recently sued a London restaurant over breast milk ice cream it was serving under the moniker "Baby Gaga."