2005_12_food_glogg.JPGOddly enough, we didn't get many responses to our last post on winter drinks -- perhaps it was because, just a few short weeks ago, it felt more like spring than winter. But now that we've seen a few snow flurries and have had several occasions to bust out the hats, scarves and gloves, we're definitely ready for some boozy beverages to warm us up. Thankfully, the good folks at New York Metro gave us a roundup this week of where to find some warm drinks for the cold weather. Whether it's mulled wine at Cafe Sabarsky or Cafe Steinhof, the Green Tea Hot Toddy at Good World Bar and Grill, or the good old Irish Coffee (made with Clontarf in lieu of the more standard Jameson's) at Maggie's place, you'll stay warm when it's cold outside. So now that you're more in the mood, where do you go for your winter warmers? We know for a fact that if you're really nice to the bartenders at Otto, they just might concoct some special boozy goodness to go with their utterly decadent hot chocolate, and that Hearth serves some fantastic warm drinks, including the Kathy Madison, a ginger-infused hot cider with bourbon, which will warm up even the frostiest toes.