It’s another scorcher, and dinnertime is on the horizon. You stick your head in the fridge (mostly to cool down) and realize that options for dinner are very limited - unless you’re up for making a salad out of ketchup and a few remaining pickles. It’s time to embrace the summer your winter self so longingly dreamt of by heading out for a relaxing evening of wining and dining. It’s looking like there’s plenty of hot weather ahead, which is why you need Crave: the handy app that is not only helping food lovers eat out more often, but it’s bolstering the city’s dining scene, too.

Here's why you have to check out this app...

Crave is the newest restaurant app that allows restaurants with spare tables to instantly upload last minute deals for you to redeem, saving you up to 50% off your entire bill including drinks.

For restaurants, both big and small, Crave is an absolute game-changer.
In a time where minimum wage is on the rise and home delivery services are driving customers away from restaurants while taking an increasing cut, Crave is giving the power back to the owners.

Let’s say a restaurant is a little bit quieter than normal. With Crave, they simply open the app and send out a live deal of up to 50% off the total bill, enticing you - the customer to visit the venue. This definitely unlocks additional revenue that otherwise would been lost. A true win-win!

Sounds a little familiar? It’s kind of like the restaurant world’s - but instead of filling vacant rooms or plane seats, it’s filling empty tables in restaurants.

The concept was created in Melbourne, one of the great food-cities in the world. This app (known as EatClub to Aussies) already has over 3,000 restaurants on the platform and half a million customers in Australia. It’s virtually the Hugh Jackman of food apps (Wolverine era).

Feel like sushi, burgers or dumplings for half the price? What about an Italian feast with bountiful carafes of wine? Yep, you’ll find all that, on the app. Crave features everything from your local burger joint to fine dining feeds. Some of New York’s greatest hits like Feast, Babu-Ji, Raclette, Amali, Rai Rai Ken & Tijuana Picnic have already joined. Believe it or not, you could really save more than $100 weekly on your food and drink expenses!

No one likes a sleepy, empty restaurant - especially not in New York City. And New Yorkers like their ketchup and pickle “salad” to be accompanied by a hot patty with melted cheese snugly encased in a bun that’s served directly from the kitchen (with a side of fries and beers).

This is an exciting time to revitalize the dining scene and eat out more often!

Download the app and start to enjoy summer out and about around town.
After all, it’s simply too hot to cook.

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, Crave.