Fatty food gets a bad rap these days, with constant news pouring in about how eating too much fat will get you stoned, addicted, and, well, fat. But while Nanny Bloomberg and other fat fighters have been crusading to erase rich foods from our diets, an essay in the Wall Street Journal today says our society is overreacting, and that it's actually healthy to eat "basic, earthy, fatty" foods. Guess it's time to bring out those prosciutto-wrapped Twix bars!

Writer Ron Rosenbaum says the backlash against fatty foods is overhyped, and that people like Bloomberg and anti-obesity advocate/First Lady Michelle Obama aren't necessarily helping us by telling us to substitute burgers for salad. "There's another world of fatty foods...basic, earthy, luxuriant fatty foods like roast goose, split-shank beef marrow and clotted cream," Rosenbaum writes. "In the escalating culture war over fat, which has clothed itself in sanctity as an obesity-prevention crusade, most of these foods have somehow been left out."

Rosenbaum says eating fats from meats, eggs, olive oil and dairy have been scientifically proven to help us live longer, and that the pleasure derived from eating high-quality fatty foods will make you happier, fuller and more satisfied than sticking with low-fat Lean Cuisines. And forget about those salads: Rosenbaum put down "pesticide-laced and e-coli-menaced greens" like kale, collards, spinach. He hates kale. Does Brooklyn know?

Aside from the fact that we appreciate anything that inspires guilt-free trips to Shake Shack, Rosenbaum's argument makes a lot of sense. People have been eating steaks, cheeses, creams and other natural fats for centuries, so we don't necessarily need to limit our diets to raw vegetables and butter substitutes. That being said, we're a little prone to overdoing it, so it's still probably a good idea to skip the bacon burgers.