Feeling a little sluggish from all this weather we have going on? Good news: it's not only Friday, but it's National Coffee Day, and area chain restaurants are eager to give you a little pick me up, on them.

  • If you don't mind smelling like fryer grease for the next few hours, McDonalds is giving away free, small "Premium Roast" coffees all day.
  • While it's not exactly free, you can print out this Dunkin Donuts coupon and snag a small hot or iced Pumpkin Latte for just under a buck.

  • And if you're nearby one of the growing number of 7-Eleven stores around the city, they're offering a free large coffee to customers who mention the "holiday." The deal was only supposed to last until 10 a.m. but a call to the St. Mark's location revealed they'll keep it going "a little while longer."

In case you were wondering, Starbucks won't be celebrating the buzz today, so you'll have to pay for your Venti Skinny Sugar Free Vanilla latte on your own.