Hey, waitresses: trying to drum up some extra rent money? Well, you might want to slap on some Revlon Ravish Me Red—according to a recent French study, waitresses who wear red lipstick make more tips.

Researchers at the Universite de Bretagne-Sud studied seven waitresses who served 447 customers in three restaurants in France, discovering that those who wore red lipstick earned up to 50 percent more in tips than the waitresses who wore brown, pink or no lipstick. The researchers suggest that the male customers who handed out better tips were more attracted to the color red, which they associate with "an indication of estrogen levels, sexual arousal and health" (translation: red lipstick makes women hotter, so men give them more money). Female customers' tips did not fluctuate based on their waitresses' lip colors.

The study correlates with other recent scientific breakthroughs about factors that can increase a waitress' tips, like having larger breasts or blonde hair. In other scientific news, getting completely naked won't hurt your tips, either.