Seems like everyone's getting screwed at Yankee Stadium these days, amirite? According to a lawsuit filed by three former and current waiters at the ball park, food orders placed at the high-end premium seats at the stadium have an automatic 20 percent gratuity, but waiters who serve in the section never see that money. The lawsuit, filed in Bronx Supreme Court, seeks unspecified damages from the New York Yankees Partnership and Legends Hospitality LLC, which was formed several years ago to handle the food services at the stadium.

According to the lawsuit, tickets for the premium seats typically cost between $100 and $325, and “in-seat service” workers earn a flat rate of $35 per game, plus a 4-to-6 percent commission on their sales. But they're also supposed to collect a gratuity. The plaintiffs allege that waiters were shafted out of roughly $5 million in tips over three years, and the lawsuit seeks class action status, which could ultimately involve some 150 employees.

“The Yankees are making so much money,” Brian Schaffer, a lawyer for the concession workers, tells the Post. "Why would they do this to hardworking kids? It’s corporate greed at it’s worst. The money that we’re talking about is peanuts to the Yankees.” A spokeswoman for Legends Hospitality assures Reuters that all employees "are paid properly and in strict accordance with their union contract." And this year, Yankee Stadium dropped the mandatory gratuity.