We occasionally see the iPad utilized as a way around the pricy credit-card/cash register combo (Asia Dog rang us up on one recently) but West Village eatery De Santos has gone a step further…into the FUTURE. All of the restaurant's waiters carry iPads to take orders, allowing them to forego the additional stop at the computer terminal and give "them more face time with customers, a factor that's been shown to increase sales," the Post reports. Even better, waiters using iPads don't look nearly as much like pompous jackasses as normal iPad users do, because they actually need them.

De Santos' owner also claims that the iPads save 5 minutes in wait times, and thousands of dollars in overhead. The tablet system using POS Lavu costs $19,000; considerably cheaper than quotes from Aloha, POSitouch or Micros, the systems that have dominated the market in years past. It also avoids the waiters making a mad dash to the terminal to put your order in before Steven's because he screwed you over on that last 5-top so now you'll make him suffer.

The article notes that the Midtown burger joint 4food allows customers to order from iPads, and a restaurant in California cuts the waiter out of the equation entirely by placing iPads at every table. Of course, people will probably still gripe that someone isn't writing their order down with pencil and paper.