2007_01_jglawsuit.jpgA crazy lawsuit was filed against the owners of Jean-Georges. Joseph Bassani, a former waiter at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's four-star jewel at Columbus Circle, claims that he was harassed about his sexuality and "tricked into having simulated sex with a prostitute" - at the restaurant!

Bassani says he was essentially terrorized for two years. His allegations include being called a "whore" frequently and that a supervisor said his weight loss was because he was "dying of AIDS." Oh, and a naked prostitute straddled him on a dining room table during a going away party for a chef. Now, we've heard stories about the cruel back-of-the-house behavior, but that's crazy! And we hope they wiped down that table.

According to the Daily News, Bassani's complaints to Philippe (brother of Jean-Georges) Vongerichten "went unheeded." And Bassani also says that when he tried to get a job at another posh restaurant, he was given a bad reference. However, Jean-Georges says that Bassani left on good terms.

Back in 2004, two gay waiters claimed that their colleagues at Town restaurant discriminated against them and would do things like shove wine bottles up their butt.