So Mars Bar might still be coming back to First Street and Second Avenue after all. Yesterday the Post broke the news that TD Bank had signed a 20-year-lease on the corner space in the new Jupiter 21 building where the famously squalid dive squatted, and we accepted it. But today Commercial Observer's Billy Gray reports that there is in fact still a space for the old dive, if she wants it. Per Gray:

Now, a source familiar with the deal tells us that the lease includes a second retail space that could assume the notorious Mars Bar’s trade name and liquor license. The development company BFC Partners reached an agreement with the Mars Bar crew that would allow the next commercial tenant to occupy a 4,456 basement and ground floor space under the proud, stubborn and-who knew?-business-minded Mars Bar auspices.

Rumors of a Mars Bar 2 have been circulating for quite some time, so this could be the real deal. Though the idea of a pristine Mars Bar inside of a shiny glass building with a TD Bank beside it kind of defeats the purpose, no? [h/t EV Grieve]