We should have been stuffing our faces with a selection of Wahlfaves from the Wahlburg brothers' eponymous burger chain this summer, as the first NYC outpost of their Wahlburgers restaurants was originally slated to open in May. Maddeningly, we were robbed of months sitting at their 3,200-plus-square-foot rooftop overlooking Coney Island's parachute jump but no matter, the Wahlbros have landed and they're not going to let a dwindling season at a seaside destination stop them.

Technically, it won't stop John Cestare, the Big Apple Burgers operator and now Wahlburgers franchisee who plans to open seven additional locations of the near Bahston-based chain soon in Brooklyn and Manhattan. His first foray into the new-to-NYC burger operation includes 6,800-square-feet of Wahlburgers-branded space complete with a "dynamic retail shop" to take home a piece of Mark, Donnie and chef brother Paul when you head back to Wisconsin.

While you're there, though, take a bite out of Donnie's favorite, the BBQ Bacon Burger, or Mark's choice, the Thanksgiving Day with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, butternut squash and mayo. They're also doing rote restaurant fare like chicken sandwiches, salads, fries and...hot dogs. Coney Island's a hot dog town through and through so it'll be interesting to see how beach and boardwalk goers respond to them. Eh, Applebee's is still around.