The Wallberg brothers—that would be Donnie "New Kids On The Block" and Mark "Marky Mark"—have licensed the name Wahlburger from Rochester-based burger chain Tom Wahl's in order to open up their own Wahlburgers Restaurant in their hometown of Bahston.

Tom Wahl's serves a cheeseburger called the Wahlburger, and until now owned the federal trademark rights to the name. Mark and Donnie, along with their chef brother Paul, approached the restaurant several months ago upon hearing about their burger. “It’s a fun thing, out of the blue, to be contacted by a group surrounded by a Hollywood actor," Keith Herman, vice president of Tom Wahl's told Democrat and Chronicle. “It just works,” said Ed St. Croix, Wahlberg’s business partner. “It’s a good-sounding brand we could put out the product with, a great name people could relate to.”

There has been no word yet on when exactly the Wahlberg's Wahlburger will make its debut, but here's hoping the ad campaign looks a little something like this.