Governor Cuomo's Fast Food Wage Board called for increased wages for the state's fast food workers yesterday in the last of six meetings convened to discuss wage issues. The panel, comprised of three men—including Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Gilt Groupe founder Kevin Ryan—agreed that workers deserved a "substantial increase" over the state's minimum wage of $8.75 per hour. Though not explicitly stated, the board is expected to recommend a $15-per-hour wage, as fought for by employees.

In addition to the wage increases, the panel also recommended that restaurants be required to give workers "more regular" hours so they can "have predictability, so that they can plan, so that they can pay their bills," according to Byron. As it's been reported, fast food workers are routinely exploited for their time, like being instructed not to clock in by managers if a store isn't busy. Mike Fishman, the third member of the board representing labor, also called for higher minimums for part time workers to "incentivize the industry to give people more hours."

Naturally, business groups oppose the recommendations, but then, of course they would. But these measures would be long overdue for the growing population of fast food workers in the state. It's unclear if or when these changes would come to pass, but if moved forward, it could take several years for workers to see any kind of changes in compensation.