The Cheeseception at Williamsburg's Vinnie's Pizzeria has made its way to the West Coast with a feature on the viral slice appearing on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Co-owner Sean Berthiaume appeared via satellite to talk inspiration for the famed pizza—boredom at work, naturally—and just how big a sensation the pizza has become. He also confirms what we probably already knew about people who work at the pizzeria.

"Did medical marijuana play a role in this decision?" Kimmel asks. "Not medical!" Watch the rest below.

Besides the actual "recipe" for the pizza—which is more involved than one might think—the most revealing part of the interview was in the volume of slice-on-slices the pizzeria has sold. According to Berthiaume, they've sold "probably about 1,000 slices" since they Instagrammed the photo last week. Berthiaume told us he's factored in both the Williamsburg and Greenpoint locations in that count and guesses they sell about ten times that amount in regular slices.