Two weeks ago, we learned of the Murray Hill woman who bragged about using to find guys to date her/buy her expensive dinners. Now, we can see defend her actions on Good Morning America: "I'm a traditional girl and you know to me I feel like part of dating is if a guy wants to take me out, what's wrong with him taking him out and me expecting him to pay the bill."

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Sporty tells GMA that with her current boyfriend, she pays quite a lot, but she would never expect to pay on the first day. Or apparently the next four! Sporty's recession-friendly idea was, per Business Insider, to eat "out five nights a week using a rotation of different guys she met through the dating site. She kept things simple—no more than five dates with the same guy." And she made sure to date 1%-ers. Or at least 10%-ers, we're betting. Hey, guys who paid for Sporty's dinner—we're waiting for one of you to step forward!

Runnin' Scared has more highlights from the video, like how Sporty called it her "own Sex and the City."