If, over the past weekend, you found yourself ruminating on the mysteries of life as you strolled down Bedford Avenue, your existential contemplation may have been interrupted by a massive horde of crazed zombies bagel-loving tourists. Lines outside of The Bagel Store's Southside Williamsburg outpost stretched almost halfway down South Fourth Street toward Driggs Avenue, with nearly 100 souls clamoring for a nibble at any given time.

What the fuck is going on here? The safe money's on the Super Bowl and the fact that The Bagel Store's enterprising owner Scot Rossillo prepared a special batch of his patented Rainbow Bagels styled in the colors of both the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Not only were the bagels on sale at the store's Bedford Avenue shop, but Rossillo and his team filled delivery orders as well. A twitter shoutout from ESPN probably didn't hurt business, we're guessing, and 67% of USA Today readers polled said they'd definitely try one. Touchdown!

This sort of super-timely-bagel-branding is second nature for Rossillo. After all, this is a guy who rolled out batches of French-inspired red, blue, and white bagels in the wake of the November Paris attacks. He's made bagels inspired by multiple Disney princesses and sold hundreds of purple-dyed confections for private NYU events. "The bagel industry in itself is very mundane," he told Gothamist in an interview last December. "It's very, very basic, and I'm not a basic kind of person, so I took it to a different level."

Video by Jessica Leibowitz

Sorry, cragels.