Yesterday 28-year-old Joey Chestnut once again made us feel like terrible eaters when he ate 68 hot dogs in ten minutes earning him his sixth Major League Eating title. But he wasn't the only man to break the 65-dog barrier yesterday, oh no. Arch-rival Takeru Kobayashi, who is no longer affiliated with MLE, did too. So how'd they fit all those dogs in their belly's? Good question!

To give you a sense of what is going on inside Chestnut and his fellow competitive eaters, look no further than ESPN, which went all CGI to teach us a thing or two:

And don't be too worried about how the eater is doing. Though he was bummed he didn't break the world record (as Sonia "The Black Widow" Thomas did in the women's competition) he's doing okay. "Once I get a rhythm going, I can jump those hot dogs down. How could this get old? I feel great." After the eating his plans were to "take a nap, drink some beer and watch the fireworks." We hope he got a good seat...

Meanwhile, since we know you were curious about what former champion, popularizer of the "sport" and frequent foe of Nathan's organizer Major League Eating, Takeru Kobayashi was up to yesterday...he was eating a whole lot of Hot Dogs over at Crif Dogs. 68.5, to be exact (though who knows if these numbers will also be questioned). You can see for yourself here: