HLN news anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell has noticed that there sure is a lot of garbage in America, but where some people see repellent waste, she sees a solution to the nation's poverty. The poors should just pick food out of the garbage! Haven't they ever thought about that?! In a segment on dumpster diving, Velez-Mitchel gets a self-proclaimed freegan to teach viewers how to forage food from dumpsters and make "fresh" dinners. Pass those yellow gloves and hazmat suit over, and let's go diving!

Aren't you glad you tuned into HLN, homeless person? Our favorite part is when Velez-Mitchell proudly announces, "I'm going to do something...really crazy right now" and takes a bite of what looks to be a half-eaten slice of bread. Do they give Pulitzer prizes for TV news? In this recent video, Velez-Mitchell finds some pepper caps, broccoli stems, and a half used bag of wheat bread to whip up some dinner. "When people are starving in this world, we have an obligation to use every bit of food that is edible," the saintly television personality declares. Once she gets her veggies cooking she boldly proclaims, "We're starting to cook. We're starting to cook our freegan dinner. Wooo!" SPOILER ALERT: She's really annoying!

After sampling her sauteed veggie stir-fry, she goes on to say, "As I enjoy this wonderful dinner that I got out of the garbage, I can tell you that for people who are hurting financially and they have no food to put on the table for their familes, this is an option. There is good food out there that is thrown away on a daily basis...Americans, let's get together and do something about this."

If you're seriously interested in how to go about finding and cooking with dumpster dived food, check out Gio Andollo's diary. Just be prepared to compete with dumpster divers like Peter Vallone and Bucky Turco.