Still courtesy Tom's Restaurant documentary

There's more to Tom's Restaurant than Seinfeld and that Suzanne Vega song, as filmmaker Gian Franco Morini set out to prove in his film about the Morningside Heights staple. He tells us, "My documentary explores all the pop culture references and the owners and clientele... people from all walks of life: from the philosopher Cornel West and the students and professors from Columbia University (such as the deeply lovable David Sidorsky PHD—who taught at CU for more than 50 years)." You'll also hear musicians like the self-proclaimed "grandfather of rap" Burton Crane, as well as recovering crack addict Cristopher Olivier. There's even a local regular who was the original guitar player for Letterman, and acted in Fire Walk With Me, Animal House, AND Deep Throat!

And of course you'll meet Mike Zoulis, owner/manager of Tom's since the '80s, who will dig up "untold stories about the first and final days of Seinfeld, their relationships with the cast members, and Suzanne Vega." It's a documentary of nothing everything, and it'll be out next year—for now, here's a trailer:

But will they tell you about the off-menu Broadway shake?