The call of the Cronut has been heeded once more in Madison Square Park this morning as hundreds of crazy people hardcore pastry-and-custard devotees waited for hours to sample the Cronut/Concrete Food Hybrid To End Us All. Starting at 10 a.m., for today only, maniacal pastry fiend Dominque Ansel and his partner in food hype Danny Meyer are selling Cronut Hole Concretes, made with the leftover centers from the mania-inducing pastry.

They're only dishing out 1,000 of these bad boys and it looks like plenty of folks deemed the occasion worthy to wake up at dawn to stand in a frigid park to eat a frozen dessert. Sure, proceeds from the $4.50 cups of viral gold benefit some very worthy causes but there are perhaps more compelling reasons to play hookie from work than to wait on a six hour line for a freaking cup of ice cream. (That said, one of our interns is over there right now to bring some back for the office.)