The highly anticipated Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opened its neon-accented doors for business this weekend, with a little help from owner Doug Quint's famous friends, and several hundred Salty Pimp fans.

"Father" Anthony Bourdain emerged in full priest's garb to bless the space on East 7th St, commanding Quint to "make a shitload of money" and "sell a lot of motherfucking ice cream." The impressive crowds (check out these lines!) went crazy, the all-bassoon band played on, and delicious Gobblers and Bea Arthurs were had by (almost) all. As Quint himself put it in the moments leading up to the official opening, "I'm going to go inside and drop some acid to start this trip, and in about 20 minutes we're never going to stop."

Here's Bourdain's full blessing:

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opening ceremony and benediction from Kathleen McGivney on Vimeo.

[via Grub Street]