Greenpeace has gone and gotten itself in a legal tiff with "Big Tuna," specifically the companies behind Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea and Starkist tunas. At issue? A short video the environmental organization made to try and teach people about the dangers of the tuna industry starring a pantsless Bumblebee, a cackling, smoking Chicken of the Sea Mermaid and a very depressed Charlie the Tuna. Naturally, the tuna companies are claiming trademark infringement and want the video down posthaste, but Greenpeace thinks that's hogwash (and likes the attention).

“We believe the American public has a right to know how their tuna is caught, and of the swathe of dead marine creatures, from turtles and sharks to marlin, seabirds, and future breeding stock that lie behind so many of their favorite tuna products,” a Senior Campaigner from the organization says.

So instead of taking the video down, Greenpeace is using the threat of legal action to try and get more people to learn about the downsides of the tuna industry (fish aggregating devices, longlines, unregulated fishing to name three). A worthy cause, sure, but if Greenpeace were going to make a video to try and anger the tuna industry to get media attention (which it kinda looks like they are) we wish the video were a little more entertaining? Why does the Mermaid have to be the evil one? Why no jokes about Charlie the Tuna being a cannibal?