Crazy teenagers and their out-of-control hormones, or something—we're actually not sure what caused a gang of teenagers to rampage through a Christopher Street Dunkin' Donuts last week, but riot they did—perhaps in pursuit of some Meat Munchkins?

Security cameras show about two dozen teens storming through the store, overturning tables and coffee machines, plus throwing chairs at the staff, during a seemingly random seven-minute attack. After "reportedly terrorizing" the staff and some other customers in the store, the teenager stole drinks and, obviously, donuts, before leaving with the cash register untouched. According to Jaman Rani, the store manager we spoke to, it wasn't the gang's first time in the store: "They used to come in here and sit and not buy anything, so I've called the cops and kicked them out before, four or five times." The Village Voice is estimating that the damage to the store hovers around $5,000.

Of course, area Dunkin' Donuts are old hands at suffering absurd crimes, though the NYPD is reporting a worrisome 19% increase in felonies in the 6th Precinct, the area including Christopher Street. Here's a look at the security video, which sadly does not have sound, so we recommend watching it while listening to the second video below simultaneously.