Bronx resident Alex "Tracks" McFarland has been selling candy in NYC's subway system since he was 11 years old. He's now 25 and still doing his hustle, buying $300 sneakers with his earnings and "staying fly from head to toe." McFarland says he makes $150 a day, and in this interesting video, he breaks down the secret to his success:

Sugar rush hour from Bianca Consunji on Vimeo.

The most essential aspect of McFarland's lucrative business model is variety. Peanut M&M's are the number one seller, but if that's not your bag, he's got plenty of options. "Then I got trail mix bars for people that like to eat healthy, which, this got the most sugar in it," McFarland explains with a chuckle. "Then I got cookies for people who claim they don't eat candy. It's like a 'can't say no' flip, so if you don't spend a dollar with me, either you don't have it or you're a hater." Or you're the MTA, which prohibits "the solicitation of money or payment for food, goods, services or entertainment."

[Thanks to Bianca Consunji for sharing her video!]